Term dates for 2017-18 and 2018-19 (Draft)

At present, our intention is to keep our holiday dates in line with other Buckinghamshire schools to help parents who have children in more than one school. This is still open for discussion and we are happy to hear your comments. These dates do not include holiday clubs which we expect to run in each main holiday at an additional cost.

2017-18 Calendar 2018-19 Draft Calendar

2017-18 Other Key Dates

German Markets Trip -  December 2017

Year 9 Netball Tour - 4th April 2018 - 8th April 2018 (During Easter break)

Year 10 Spanish Trip - July 2018

Year 7 Bushcraft Residential Trip - 2nd July 2018 to 6th July 2018  

Year 8 French Trip - July 2018