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Tommy Flowers SCITT

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? 


New site

Our new school site will open to students on Monday 5th June. This £12m+ facility brings much needed space to our raidly growing school and a huge range of sport and leisure facilities to the local community.  

Sixth Form Applications

Please note that applications for 6th form are now open. If you do not yet have an application form, please phone or email receptionist@sirthomasfremantle.org and we will send one out. 

UPDATE - Years 7, 8 and 9 in-year admissions

We currently have no spaces in Years 7, 8 or 9 and are now operating a waiting list for these Year groups. 

Welcome to Sir Thomas Fremantle Secondary School

STFS is the newest secondary school in north Buckinghamshire. Opening in 2013 it is heavily oversubscribed and, when full, will be home to around 600 students including our 6th form. Our enviable new facilites, which opened in June 2017, will give our students even greater opportunities in the years ahead. 

Sir Thomas Fremantle adds to the secondary school choice for the children and parents of North Buckinghamshire. We are a small, inclusive local fully comprehensive school where the aim is to release the potential of each individual child through a curriculum which, in tandem with very high expectations for commitment to academic study, builds confidence and self-esteem through diverse opportunities to participate in drama, music, sport and art. A strong sense of community and parental engagement to support their child’s education are key contributors to each student’s success. There is a real focus on the development of the whole-child and our extended school day, with all the additional opportunity this brings, is central to this aim.

Ofsted rated the school as 'Good' overall with 'Outstanding' for behaviour and safety in May 2015.